Why I Stopped Parting Out LEGO Sets

My last post to this site was way to long ago, but I feel this site still brings benefit to a few people, especially those who are in the parting out business.

What happened to my store?

My store, UniBricks, is still open and has a couple thousand items. However, this is a big difference than it was in December 2015. I had over 200,000 items in my inventory either listed or ready to be listed. So why did I liquidate? This is what this post is about.

Why did I liquidate and stop parting out?

I liquidated most of my parting out inventory due to a few key factors. Not just Bricklink, but all the part selling marketplaces have become flooded with sellers, most of which are handling less than 50k parts. This drives part out values down extremely fast and part supplies into decades before they will reach a higher value. Secondly I found that sourcing 100+ copies of a set is extremely difficult when you only try to buy sets on sale or clearance.

Personal Reasons too..

I couldn’t physically fit more than 250k parts in my store space and 200k was pushing it. So I couldn’t see expanding to a “nice” income stream. Also hiring employees wasn’t ideal for my situation. Lastly the time that I spent running the store, pulling orders, sorting, etc was not worth the reward I was getting in “income”.

What I do now

As you can see in my store’s inventory, I mainly am selling sealed sets, minifigs, and rare parts. All of which are difficult to source for more inventory, but it brings in the occasional order every once in a while. While it doesn’t bring enough money in to pay bills, it brings in enough to fund my hobby completely. I hope this post showed you a new perspective on selling as it is not only hard work, but difficult to compete. I will never discourage entrepreneurship of any type, unless it is illegal of course, but always consider these points below:

  • Are the businesses, companies, and vendors I rely on, such as BrickLink for selling or Walmart for sourcing, consistent and reliable enough to sustain my business? Maybe starting your own online store would reach more customers.
  • What are my goals? Fund a hobby? Part time or full time income?
  • Is this scalable with my current plans?
  • Do I get paid what I am worth?
  • Do you really like what you do?

I have considered these in all my businesses and that’s why I have moved to different entrepreneurial ventures. Specifically ones which complete those questions in a positive manner. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or contact tab

Why I Stopped Parting Out LEGO Sets was last modified: August 23rd, 2016 by James
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  • Daniel Budziwojski

    How much should a store full time be making?

  • Odie Carden

    Kudos on this authors perspective. I don’t feel alone anymore with the questions I have asked myself. Best wishes on your new endeavors. MultiGasmGeek

  • LoreZyra

    Hi James,

    My name is Richie Bartlett, but my online name is LoreZyra. Just found your blog and I have been following many other BrickLink sellers on YT for the past year now. I have observed in Clutch’s “Ask Clutch” series how people tend to ask the same common questions and wondered if anyone has thought to create an FAQ of sorts. A few months ago, I suggested that Chris Byrne create a book called “Bricks on the Dollar” that compiled all of his experience together for everyone to learn from.

    The purpose of this eBook will be to show-case successful BrickLink store owners and how they learned to build a brand with loyal customers. The focus is on the steps or process taken to become successful. The goal is to help others interested in participating in the LEGO after-market with a better understanding of the risks and requirements prior to engaging in the enterprise of selling LEGO. Similar to the “Ask Clutch” series; I hope to provide a concise source for LEGO enthusiast to help them decide if selling LEGO is for them. And, should they take that step, what have been the best practices to become successful as a LEGO reseller.

    I plan to interview other sellers such as Big B Bricks, Brick Show, and others. You can find my series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeV3FK8Yx2_PRkVkKqvTemtkEe9CgmBcC
    You will be among the many favorites to show-case within the book. Would you be interested in participating?

    • James McConnell

      I would happily answer questions/help out, but I am going to only tell you the honest truth. The good and the bad. And I will only consent to interview/inclusion if I can explain both sides. 🙂 Contact me through the contact tab.

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